Window Service option

Plastic windows are the most widespread type of windows in our market. Their biggest advantage is minimal maintenance and low price. They are considerably cheaper than wooden and aluminum windows. If you do not like the white color, we offer a selection of foil of wooden décor. We produce high-quality German profiles in various building depths. Send us your inquiry if you are unsure of the right focus, contact us and we will do it for you.
On the market there are a lot of companies engaged in this, but why choose just plastic windows from us? We produce quality German profiles in various possible variants at very affordable prices. Next, you will find the entrance door and all the complementary assortment-mosquito nets, blinds, parapets. Both windows and doors from plastic profiles have excellent insulating properties, both thermal and noise. Need help with your choice? Feel free to contact us.
Fast, quality at the lowest price
Yes, that's what we're doing! Customer satisfaction, therefore yours, is very important to us and we do everything to fulfill what you wish. Quality Czech plastic windows at great prices. What more would you wish for?