Wide selection of seating sets

The dominant feature of each living room is a sofa set. If you are currently planning a new purchase, visit our online store, browse through the type catalog and choose the one that will be closest to your heart.
Available in wide variability of upholstery materials, prices and dimensions. With our easy-to-use menu, you can quickly and easily select the one you're looking for. The sofa is always shown, and once you want to see more photos or information, you just need to click on it and you will see everything important. The sofa is then sent to you either home or to the nearest office where you can pick it up.
We know what you're looking for
Because the sofas are the goods we specialize in selling, we know what types are currently in vogue and we also offer you unbeatable prices. Convince yourself. We believe that you will choose with us, which then dominate your living room.