Have fun and win with Impulse!

A lot of experiences, information, presentations of modern, but also older musical works from a number of Czech and foreign performers, it is Radio Impuls.
Tune in a day, tune your smile, listen to Impuls radio. Fun, up-to-date, fresh, imaginative and also surely an endless range of varied music charts. Listen to the real hits and forget the worries and sorrows. Listen to us anywhere, we are a radio that is really nationwide and if you want to listen to us from abroad, just click on the button on the website and you will instantly tune into our wave of great fun.

Satisfied listeners
Also become you, satisfied listeners of the radio Impuls radio station, tune it in every day or night hour, in the car, at work, at home, on your radio receiver or live via the website and be run with us as we are with you.