Decorative and upholstery fabrics for your apartment

Decorative fabrics are not just curtain fabrics for blackening and insulation of home and everything in a small number of colors. By contrast, substances from us are in a vast range of colors and patterns. They are made of cotton, these fabrics are used for upholstery or draperies, perfect for insulation.
In addition, decorative fabrics are made from lightweight and airy materials such as polyester or viscose. These fabrics are suitable as functional-blackout curtains or just on the sides of the windows as decorations. Substances from us can revive your household, you create only your original accessories that you will love.
Treat yourself to a feeling of wellbeing
All decorative fabrics can be washed in a normal way without altering their color, these substances are colorful. You will be pleasantly surprised to revive your home so that you and your friends will feel comfortable and comfortable.