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All You Should Know About Golf Cart Tires and Wheels-A Beginner’s Guide to Golf Cart Tires and Wheels

Golf cart tires and wheels come of different kinds. These are grouped into three main categories or types; the low profile car tires, the high profile cart tires, and the all-terrain golf cart tires.in this post, we will be taking a closer look at these various kinds of golf cart tires and wheels for beginners to have an idea of what they are to look for when it comes to the need to make a purchase of some or one of these. Read on and learn more as this post has more for you in this regard.

We will begin by taking a look at the Low Profile Golf Cart Tires. By and large, some of the identifying characteristics of the low profile golf cart tires are the fact that they are generally thinner. Added to this, you will in most cases find them designed to fit any kind of golf car that is not lifted. For the gold carts that are not lifted, in order to have them lifted off the ground considerably, it is often the case that they will be fitted with a no lift kit. These low profile cart tires come as well of various sizes ranging from the 8*10 to the 8814 cart tire sizes. See here for some of the low profile golf car tires we have here.

Talking of the high profile golf cart tires, these areas well-referred to as the terrain golf car tires. An identifying feature about them is that they are generally thicker. Somewhat the opposite of the low profile golf cart tires, these tires are often made to fit the golf carts that are generally lifted. In this case, your cart will have no lift installed. These tires as well come featuring different sizes from the 8810, 12*14, and the like sizes for cartwheel and tire sizes. See more here on some of the options there are you can go for when it comes to the terrain golf cart tires.

Then we have the all-terrain golf cart tires. These are the other types of golf cart tires that should be known to you going forward. By and large, an all-terrain tire is one that can just pass for terrain or high profile golf cart tire. These are basically off-road tires. Check it out on his page for some of the options there are here for the all-terrain golf cart tires that you may go for from this supplier and dealer.

Do you have a non-lifted golf cart and are looking for the best golf cart tires and wheels to have installed on your cart? By and large, you can have a low profile, high profile and even the all-terrain golf cart tires installed. You only need o heed to some details as you make up your mind for the one to go for. See more here on what things they are hat you are to consider as you settle for the one to go for.


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