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    April 24th, 2012Jillian GCollege, Comedy, Pop Music, Video

    Jill reviews all the wonderful lingo that pop culture has endowed us with. #spicegirlproblems


    Song in video: “White Lines” – DJ Max Rudd

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    December 24th, 2011Jillian GElectronic, Mashup, Pop Music, Video

    Download | Hulkshare

    So now that I’ve heard this, I feel like this mashup was inevitable, as in – why didn’t anyone think to do this yet? “Levels” with “Where Dem Girls At”?! Come on, that’s a match made in heaven. Djs From Mars have never disappointed me (or not that I can remember at least, I have a really horrible memory lately), and this is no exception. They always add their own little bass-ey flair to the mix, it’s a super cool remix.

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    November 29th, 2011Jillian GCollege, Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, News, Pop Music, Video

    Ke-dollar sign-ha released a special video for her fans after reaching 2 million Twitter followers. The video is for her awesome song, “Sleazy”, and consists of a bunch of photos from her tour with LMFAO. Click HERE to follow Ke$h-dawg on Twitter!

    “Y U Mad” – Birdman Feat. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne | Buy Song

    Birdman released his boasting video for “Y U Mad” featuring Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. Nicki absolutely slays her verse. The visuals are pretty sweet, especially when Nicki is a blonde “female Weezy”. Also, how much do you want Lil Wayne’s red hat? Love the song and video.

    “Anyway” – Cee Lo Green | Buy Song

    Cee Lo Green’s “Anyway” music video dropped. This song is sexay. Would you expect anything less from this large man? I can’t get the lyrics out of my head. The video is choc-full of colors and ladies. Duh.

    “It Will Rain” – Bruno Mars | Buy Song

    Have you heard Bruno Mars’ new single “It Will Rain”? Hashtag OBSESSED. That drum beat is killer. I usually think Bruno is a little cliché, but this song suh-layssss.

    Florence and the Machine covered Drake & Rihanna’s “Take Care”. The sound is surreal. You GOTTA listen to this one.

    Rihanna’s new album, Talk That Talk, dropped, and it’s SO GOOD. This crazy lady is dropping more music than.. I really can’t think of a good analogy. The album features her epic song with Calvin Harris, “We Found Love”. The album has a great range of pop, dance, and reggae-ish soundz. Buy dat HERE.

    Oh, and in more music news, Miley Cyrus smokes pot!! I really love her. Read the article right hurr on the Huff-Huff- Huffington Post.

    Avicii Live @ DC Armory | Stream/Download

    And last but not least, the Swedish god of house music, Avicii, dropped his full live set from Washington DC’s DC Armory on November 18th, 2011. See if you can hear me in the crowd screaming bloody murder (in a good way!). Amazing concert, awesome set that included original mixes of “Fade Into Darkness”, “Seek Bromance”, and “Levels”. Download/listen on Hulkshare, courtesy of DML.fm! Visit DML for the full set list: DML.fm

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    November 5th, 2011Jillian GHip Hop, Pop Music, Video

    Haha. This song is great. The inappro level is skyrocketing, but do you hear that bass? Lord. Nicki Minaj and Big Sean are a perfect combo, I’m not sure why we didn’t hear a collab from them earlier. Nicki’s verse is the most inappro thing I’ve heard in my lifetime, but her outfit is hotter than Satan himself. I’m a sucker for the Union Jack. Great song, visually stimulating video, love it.

    Now make that motha hammer time.

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  • scissors
    October 6th, 2011Jillian GCovers/Sampled, Hip Hop, Pop Music

    Oh my gawsh! This is absolutely unreal! THIS is why YouTube exists – so 5-year old, attitude-ridden, rapping, singing prodigies can slay verses on popular songs. If you think her rapping is amazing (which it is), wait ’til the chorus. Unreal. Nicki and her need to battle. The level of inappropriateness of the lyrics is erroneous.


    P.S. Her ballerina outfit really compliments her talent.