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    February 21st, 2013Jillian GVideo

    Liiiiiiiiiike Kim Kardashian’s boobs are the size of my head & other BREAKING NEWS. Did you hear about Rihanna’s SCRAPED KNEE?!1 #HOSPITAL

    Jillboard: “Beards, Boobs, & Beyonce”

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    October 20th, 2011Jillian GPop Music, Video

    Girls: I’m crying over the beauty of this video. Her voice is so beautiful it’s sinful. Her moves, her face…everything. I can’t take it. Most beautiful and happy song in the world.

    Guys: Beyoncé’s boobs are all over the place in this video.

    Everyone: What’s the point of the last scene of the video? I don’t think there is one. I’m in heaven watching this masterful work of art.

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    May 23rd, 2011Jillian GPop Music, R&B


    This is beautiful. Epic. Inspiring. Emotional.  The epitome of a strong woman. Beyoncé, to me, is the greatest role model for girls and women out there today, and this performance is totally revolutionary.  I grew up listening to Beyoncé, and remember watching her on multiple occasions with my sister, screaming at the TV “THAT WAS EPIC!!! SHE’S AMAZING!!”. She definitely deserved the Billboard Millenium award because of what she does for girls and women every day, giving them strength and fearless empowerment. She truly does do so much for the world and is unimaginably talented in multiple aspects, remaining s0 humble throughout the whole journey. Her acceptance speech was so cute and well-spoken, and the actual performance surpassed the word “fierce” – that screen choreography has never been done before and soo many people are going to rip that off. I was STUNNED with excitement over it. Whoever conceptualized that performance is a genius. I wanted to put out some of my personal favorite Beyoncé moments in honor of HER honor. Congrats, B!

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    May 19th, 2011Jillian GElectronic, Pop Music, R&B, Video

    Supreme hottness! I’m totally biased because the choreographer for this video, Sheryl Murakami, is also Alex Young’s choreographer (the artist I work with). Sheryl and two of Alex’s dancers are in the video, so I was super excited to watch this. Besides that – the video is SO. HOT. B looks stunning and fierce, exactly how I expected her to return to reign as today’s hottest diva. She slays every dance move with ease, showcasing her fierceness and leading her girls who run the world.  I doubt any guys like this song because it’s such a girly anthem, and the video is the epitome of girl power/rockstarness. So good. Congrats on an awesome return, B!

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    April 24th, 2011Jillian GElectronic, Pop Music

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    Work!!! I’ve been literally itching for new Beyoncé – my life has fallen less fierce each day she is not running the music world. This is a POWER song/anthem for ladies everywhere (as if she didn’t already give us one)! Killer beat. I want to yell this everywhere. Can you even imagine what this video is going to look like? I’m gonna melt of excitement watching it. Word on the blogosphere is that she directed hundreds of dancers for a massive dance scene. She did that! Above is a photo from the set of her new music video – dayum.

    Listen above and instantly fiercen your day.

    UPDATE: I just changed the audio to the official CDQ version which is Major Lazer’s “Pon De Floor” track under “Run The World (Girls)”. E.P.I.C.

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