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    I WANT TO HEAR YOUR MUSIC! Please do not hesitate to send your music for posting consideration on The Jillboard. Not everyone gets posted, but EVERYONE gets heard. If your music is not posted, it is simply because you’re not ready. This means to work harder, listen to your inspirations, see how you could improve, and try again. If I decide not to post your song, that should only motivate you. Listen to your music, check your beats, check your pitch, and ask yourself if it sounds professional. This is what Jillboard is all about: helping¬†people get to where they should be. The above sounds a bit harsh, but most of the submissions I receive are pretty good, and I end up posting most of them. SO, if you would like to submit your music to The Jillboard, please do send an email and follow these general guidelines:

    1. Send to jill@thejillboard.com OR use the submission form below.
    2. Either attach your MP3, or give a clear download link. It sucks having to search through the email to find the music. Bloggers are lazy and will stop reading the email if it’s unclear.
    3. If you’re a brand new artist, attach a picture of yourself. If you’re releasing a new single/album, attach the artwork.
    4. Keep it short, sweet, and personable. I don’t have time to read paragraphs about how inspired you are by Tina Turner. Simply include the information you would like released about yourself/your artist & include a link to your website/social networks. Too many links and words become confusing. As far as personality goes, I LOVE the emails I get that are humorous. Don’t take yourself too seriously!

    Also, please consider recommending music you’re interested in! Most of what I post is recommendation based. TheJillboard.com is nothing more than a platform for recommending things to people who need things to be recommended to.


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