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    September 30th, 2013Jillian GComedy, Jillboard TV, Television, Video

    In honor of the cult show coming to a series close, Jill shows you how to watch Breaking Bad the PROPER way.

    Special thanks to Ritch Ruiz, Paul McLalin, and Babe Caruso.

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    March 12th, 2013Jillian GReviews, Television

    When did Sunday become the best TV day? I haven’t seen good Sunday TV since the Kardashians’ first season.


    GIRLS, House of Lies, and Shameless all happened. Here’s your recap/review:

    GIRLS – “On All Fours”

    This week’s GIRLS was a trainwreck, as per usual. I, of course, mean that each character is a goddamn trainwreck and I can’t take my eyes off of them, it’s my favorite show.

    Speaking of trainwrecks, the real “takeaway” from this episode was of course, Marnie. Dear God, this betch needs to be slapped. I think a good plotline for Marnie would be for her to get a huge, life-ruining scar spanning the length of her face so she has to completely transform who she is based on her now abominable facial features.  Last night’s episode was like watching “Meet The Parents” after taking 9 dangerous, paranoia-infused bong rips. Marnie took it upon herself to surprise her ex-boyfriend with a performance at his work party. She sang a slow jam/disgusting piano bar version of Kanye West’s “Stronger”. At least I think it was “Stronger”…I blacked out because I was so nervous. Read the rest of this entry »

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    March 5th, 2013Jillian GReviews, Television

    Can I just preface this by saying that Showtime is the Rick Ross of modern television? Can I stop asking myself if I can say certain things on my own blog?


    Showtime is home to all my favorite shows right now (outside of HBO’s GIRLS). I was hesitant to start House of Lies because it just seems so boring. All I knew about it was that there was a bunch of guys in suits and one of them was Don Cheadle (Marty Kaan). Then, I watched Chelsea Lately and found out Kristen Bell (Jeannie van der Hooven) was on it. I’m a HUGE Kristen Bell fan ever since I interned at Conan and she said “hi” to me and I said “hi” back. WE TALKED, OK? #Friendship. Read the rest of this entry »

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    March 4th, 2013Jillian GReviews, Television

    Lately I’ve been “researching” (watching every TV show known to man), and one of my “subjects” is FX’s new series The Americans, a show about two Russian spies living in America during the cold war (THAT’S THE 1980′S YA’LL). They’re like, real married, but like, fake married and are Soviet KGB officers. The girl, Elizabeth (Keri Russell), is bangin’, and the guy, Philip (Matthew Rhys), is less bangin’ but nonetheless, bangin’.

    I’m pretty sure this show is a social experiment. I think there’s some sort of creepy fricked up TV producer/psychologist behind this trying to see how many people he can turn on with murder. I watched the pilot episode this week and was startled, thrilled, excited, grossed out, and disappointed with myself.

    There is a scene where the “American” couple murders an ex-KGB officer. Philip literally just breaks his esophagus with his bare hands…I couldn’t breathe for like 45 seconds. Then, they dump the body somewhere. Then, they get back in the car. Then, THEY BANG IN THE CAR. Murdering someone is apparently a turn on for Russian spies. But then the worst of the worst happened: I THOUGHT IT WAS HOT. I HATE MYSELF.

    So, if this show is a social experiment, you win, creepy American TV scientist man, you win. I mean how much freakier can it get? I’m only 1.5 episodes in, and my need to watch more of it outweighs my utter disgust and distaste with myself as a human being. I know other people feel this way, because that was definitely the point of the episode. The moral of the story here on The Americans is that there’s nothing like a good murder.

    I look forward to grossing myself out more. 5 stars.

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