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    March 4th, 2013Jillian GJillboard Update

    No not like Westward expansion, that already happened.

    This is just a short update letting you guys know that Jillboard is its own entity, and forward moving, and can not, and will not be constrained by the communist holds of music bloggership. I WILL NOT CONFORM.

    I’ve been watching a lot of TV and movies lately and the drama is wearing off on me.

    What I’m trying to say is, expect more articles on NOT JUST MUSIC! AKA pop culture, TV reviews, movie reviews, other shtuff reviews, celebrities, nip slip reviews…anything I damn well please. And the term “review” is very loose, because my “reviews” are probably just going to be a weird rant (like this) about nothing that matters in the grand scheme of the Universe. But hey, isn’t that what America’s all about? So I hope you enjoy it and don’t resent me like a mom who’s trying to “try new things,” like drugs and ballroom dancing. The end!

    Also I’m sorry for calling music bloggers communists.

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    January 2nd, 2013Jillian GJillboard Update

    Hey everyone, message from the editor here – you remember who the editor is right? Let me give you a hint. Look at the title of the website, the header, every inch of the page you’re scrolling around… It’s me, Jill. I know you’ve probably been crying to mommy, feeling like I abandoned you without any explanation, like you’re some reject orphan or something. Well I did, and for that I’m truly sorry. So wipe your tears away and let me tell you why I haven’t been posting on Jillboard for the past few months. But prepare yourself, cause this is the only negative thing I’ve ever said on Jillboard…

    THE TRUTH:  Read the rest of this entry »

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    May 8th, 2012Jillian GJillboard Update

    Major congrats to Monica R. for winning two ticket to see Flux Pavilion at Roseland Ballroom on 5.10.12!! Enjoy the WUBBING.

    Thanks so much to all who entered, keep your eyes and ears locked to TheJillboard.com for more awesome giveaways!

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    May 4th, 2012Jillian GDubstep, Electronic, Jillboard Update

    Ok guys and gals, super exciting news! Try to keep your panties unbundled…

    TheJillboard.com is beyond proud to announce a ticket giveaway with our favorite dubstep/bass music DJ, Flux Pavilion!! You know him from Kanye & Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne single, “Who Gon Stop Me”, where they sample Flux Pavilion’s bass-heavy anthem “I Can’t Stop”. I have to hand it to him, getting sampled by Kanye & Jay is a wildly impressive.

    So, how do you WIN!? It’s simple! Tweet or Facebook TheJillboard.com!

    Enter for a chance to win TWO (2) TICKETS to Flux Pavilion @ Roseland Ballroom (NYC) on 5/10:

    Tweet the following at the Jillboard Twitter:
    @jillianemma Hey TheJillboard.com, give me 2 tickets to @fluxpavilion on May 10th!”


    Write the following on TheJillboard.com’s Facebook wall:
    “Hey TheJillboard.com, give me 2 tickets to Flux Pavilion on May 10th!”

    A winner will be chosen at random on May 8th! One entry per person, good luck to all! This is going to be an AMAZING SHOW!!!

    GET STARTED: TheJillboard Facebook | TheJillboard Twitter

    More info on the show HERE.

    Flux Pavilion | Facebook | Twitter

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    April 13th, 2012Jillian GComedy, Jillboard Update, News, Video

    Jillboard TV has officially launched. Check out the first episode where I review One Direction and their sexuality. Good thing Rick Santorum is out of the race, otherwise he’d probably ban One Direction from ‘Mericuh. That’s what makes him beautiful.