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    July 1st, 2013Jillian GAlternative, Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop Music, R&B

    7. “Stay” – MNDR | Buy

    I feel like I’m behind on this one, as this album came out in 2012. Better late than never? This whole album by MNDR, Feed Me Diamonds, is amazing. If you like Icona Pop, Grouplove, or Santigold, this one’s for you.

    6. “The Way” – Ariana Grande Feat. Mac Miller | Buy

    I absolutely LUB this song. Ariana Grande is adorable, and if you don’t know who she is, give it a month. Mac Miller is on this track and is super creepy in this video. Ariana, move on – you can do better than a guy with pubes on his chin. Read the rest of this entry »

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    June 26th, 2013Jillian GAlternative, Electronic

    Dear GodJesus,

    It’s me, Jillboard. I just wanted to say thank you for descending this song from the heavens and landing it upon my thy power ear drums. Thus am thankful for thee powers and thy willingness to compell thee with musical glory–

    I have no clue how to pray.

    BUT this song is the best thing I’ve heard in like a year and a half and I really do want to thank Godjesus for it. This video gives me the UTMOST of goosebumps. The kiss in this video needs to be considered for an VMA for best kiss. I’m literally obsessed and have listened to this song 25 times/day for 2 weeks straight. You do the math (CAUSE I CAN’T). I don’t know who you are, Disclosure, but I want to rip your head off and swallow it.

    Also, here’s an awesome remix of it by The White Panda (#21 “Cooler Than Latch”)

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    March 14th, 2013Kless JugeChill, Covers/Sampled, Electronic, Pop Music

    So I might accidentally be the only person completely disinterested in the original “Suit & Tie.” It’s not that I don’t like it, I just nothing it. It’s like this whole Molly craze that’s going on right now, I totally get that a ton of people are into it but it’s doing absolutely nothing for me and I don’t want to force myself to try it. But then, THIS. A Four Tet remix fell out of the internet and into my lap, and I couldn’t be happier.

    JT’s chorus has been placed over some cool drums, and his angelic voice is manipulated into a whole bunch of nonsense words to form the beat of the song. The whole thing is very chill and pleasant to the ears.  If you’re not that into the original song like me, but you like things that are good, you’ll probably enjoy this. If not, just look at the picture of Justin above.  How could you say no to that face? You CAN’T. YOU CAN’T SAY NO.

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    March 6th, 2013Jillian GElectronic

    Man, this guy really wants to set it off. We have a couple things to cover here.

    First of all, welcome to the digital strip club also known as the “Set It Off” music video. I don’t know what is so bewitching about this video – maybe it’s the bottomless stripper pole, the sheer size of these girls’ butts, or the fact that they’re stripping in outer space. I’m going to go ahead and say it’s the combination.

    Second, this song is incredible. I DARE you to listen to it and not get pumped up. It’s thick, it’s sexual, it’s driving…I’m obsessed. I’m obsessed in the literal sense, not the girl on social media who is #obsessed with everything, from Kylie Jenner’s shoes on the last episode, to slutty inside out cupcakes on Pinterest.

    And last but not least, the guy on this track’s name is Lazerdisk Party Sex. Seriously? That’s what you’re going with? Alright, guy whose first sexual encounter was probably with his cat.

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    March 4th, 2013Jillian GElectronic

    If you’re some sort of freaky internet troll who hounds music blogs for hours and is just rearing to jump on someone to post something old so you can go “OLD! OLD OLD!! FIRST!1″ …Then congrats, go ahead and say “old”. This mixtape came out about a year ago, but I just started listening to it and it’s thuper kewl (that’s my new internet character where I type like I have a pallet expander.)

    “Loose Dirt” is a project by Klaypex, a duo of electronic producers/DJs with some interesting wubstep sounds and samples. The first thing I thought of upon hearing about Klaypex was, wow, what a terrible name choice. Then I realized that they’re just two guys. Just two guys with a bad name. If it were two girls, they would never have chosen the name Klaypex BECAUSE… It sounds like a mixture of multiple feminine hygiene product names. Yes, boys, you named yourselves after period pads and tampon stuffers. Good job.

    Luckily, they were able to make up for it with an awesome album/mixtape thing that is really fun to listen to in the car when you’re driving to school and want to run yourself off the road at the thought of sitting through one more lecture about German Lutheran cantatas and Balinese Gamelan gongs. Wait, you don’t know what that is? Wow, you’re so uncultured, take a class or something…

    Anyway, my recommendations on this album are “Lights”, “Hey Hey”, “Gameface”, “Hit Me”, and “E.T. (remix)”. Yes, E.T. like Katy Perry’s hit song. No, not E.T. like a mashup of sounds of Reese’s Pieces in little alien hands.