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    June 17th, 2013Jillian GCelebrity

    Ok, to be fair, my mom made up the Where’s Waldo reference. Props to you and your deep understanding of pop culture, Mom.

    But in the words of Seth and Amy, “Really?” Miley is popping up everywhere twerking her little Disney booty at every opportune moment– which apparently is always.

    Here she is twerking in a dinosaur onesie:

    And here she is twerking on stage at a Juicy J concert:

    P.S… A JUICY J concert? His most famous lyrics are “Bandz a make her dance. These chicks clappin’, and they ain’t usin’ hands.” …THEN WHAT ARE THEY USING?! I’M SCARED.

    Oh and why not twerk on Robin Thicke? I guess I would too if I had the chance.

    Damn gurl, quit poppin’ Molly’s (Miley’s?) and maybe consider an Ambien. And a weave.

    Also, yes, this post was completely pointless. Congratulations on learning nothing.

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