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    August 1st, 2012Jillian GArtist Profile

    First off, hey how are ya? How’s your summer? Everything good? Great ok glad we caught up let’s move on.

    Secondly, No Doubt. No Doubt, No Doubt, No Doubt. This is not a normal Jillboard post, as it is the first ever Jillboard Artist Profile – cue confetti. Why am I writing this? Mostly because I want to, but also because No Doubt is effing guhreat. So, what’s a Jillboard Artist Profile? It’s this. With No Doubt progressing through one of my favorite comebacks of all time (I’ve seen about three at this point in my life), I felt it necessary to pay homage to this genre-hurdling band (Olympic reference). Let’s jump in! Read the rest of this entry »