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    EDITOR: Jillian.
    My name is Jillian and I’m a Senior at Ramapo College. I create de blog.

    As a youngster, I had never been satisfied with the radio, always searching for new, eclectic music and sharing it with my friends. As a senior in high school, I saw the emergence of an excess of music blogs and thought, “I could do it better”. Come college, I was extremely bored and felt the need to vent about certain ridiculous pop tunes, such as “WooHoo” by Christina Aguilera, my first post. On a whim, I created a WordPress blog and let the venting flow. Realizing I had a lot more to express, I began blogging daily. For some reason, people started reading.

    The two things in life I couldn’t live without are music and comedy. I try to infuse The Jillboard with as much comedy as possible. Recently, I decided to expand the site to cover even more topics in pop culture: music, television, film, celebrity gossip, etc. Now, any internet troll can find some good reads on TheJillboard.com, including reviews, rants, “news” articles, artist spotlights, and more.

    • For those who may think this website is a contributor to the destruction of the music industry because it allows free downloads, you could not be wronger (not a word). The only free downloads posted on this site are from independent artists who are trying to spread the word about their music. All free downloads, as well as photos, are for promotional use only. If you or the artist you represent have a song posted on The Jillboard that you want removed, please shoot me an email at jill@thejillboard.com and I will remove the link immediately, no questions asked.

    • For the disgruntled readers/listeners who want free download links for every song posted, this is impossible. Please realize that it is extremely illegal to pirate music, and I am not looking to participate in this. You should savor the artists that give out their music for free, but also support your favorite artists by buying their music.


    • If you’re interested in snagging a position at TheJillboard.com, shoot an email to jill@thejillboard.com with your inquiry. I am currently accepting applications for the following positions, but if you have an idea you think is worthy of sharing, that works too…

    - Staff Writers
    - Graphic Designers
    - Photographer
    - Videographer (date specific)
    - Comedic Journalists
    - Street Team / Sticker Ninjas
    - Music Lovers



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